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Creating / Uploading Media to the Media Library

The Media Library is the place to upload any video or audio files you'd like for sharing with class participants. This guide provides details on how to add media files to the Media Library

Uploading and Media management - The “Create” button

  1. Log into Canvas and go to your course site.
  2. Click on the Media Library tool in your course navigation menu.
Media Library in Canvas tab

3.   Click on the Create button.

All basic functions can be found  through the “create” button” in the Media Library tool. The create button can be found in the top center of the Media library page.

Create button expanded to show uploading options

Uploading Media

To upload video and/or audio files select “upload media” from the create button. You can drag and drop up to 100 files into the window (or click in the dotted box to browse your computer). After uploading has finished you may close the window. Once processed, they will be viewable by students.

Record a new session

This option will download and open the screen and video recorder. Please click here for a guide on using this recorder.

Create a new folder

Simply click on “Create” then “New Folder” to make a new folder. Creating folders is a useful way to organize your media. You may create as many folders and subfolders as you like.

Embedding Media in Other Areas of Your Site

Media files that have been uploaded to the Media Library can be embedded in other parts of a course site by using the rich text editor.  The rich text editor tool is available in Announcements, Forums, Syllabus, and Quizzes. Simply select a place in the text box where you want to insert your media, then click on the green Media Library icon:

Browse your course libraries until you locate the folder containing the media:

Select the media file you want to embed and save the selection. The media file and player will then be embedded in your announcement, discussion, page, syllabus or quiz page for students to view. (Note: embedded videos are not included in the email notification of an Announcement that participants will receive, but the media can be accessed by viewing the announcement within the course site.)

Lecture Capture

If you have arranged to have your class lectures recorded, they will become available automatically in the Media Library section of your course site. If interested in having your class lecture recorded, please request a consultation with Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning at the following address:

For more help, please contact