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Commenting on a Media Library Item

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Instructors and students can use the Discussion tab on any Media Library item to post comments about the material. Comments posted here can be seen by everyone watching the content, and are associated with a timestamp in the material when posted so the comment is contextualized with a specific point in time.

  1. In the the Panopto Player, click the "Discussion" tab on the far-left side of the player.
  2. Users will see comments posted by their peers, as well as options to post their own comment. Here is a breakdown of the interface:
    1. Comment Box with the timestamp of when this comment will be associated with
    2. Post Visibility icon where a user can select to make their comment public for everyone to see, or private for only the creators / moderators of the media to view
    3. Public Comment with timestamp
    4. Reply button to respond directly to a comment
    5. Reply Comment indented over to denote it as a thread of a higher comment
    6. Private Comment with timestamp and crossed out eye icon denoting it as not public

For more help, please contact [email protected].

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