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Post'Em: Enabling Post'Em in Your Canvas Course

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The Post'Em Tool is a way for instructors to provide detailed text feedback to students by uploading a single CSV file. This article will detail how to enable this tool for instructors to use in their Canvas course.

  1. In your Canvas course, click into the "Settings" section of your Course Navigation and select the "Navigation" tab at the top.
  2. Find the "Post'Em" tool in the lower Disabled Items list.
  3. Click the Three Dot icon for the "Post'Em" item and select "Enable" from the menu that opens.
    1. The "Post'Em" tool will now be moved to the upper Enabled Items list.
  1. When done, click the "Save" button. The "Post'Em" item will now be in your Course Navigation menu.

For more help with Post'Em, please email [email protected].

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