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Recording Videos in Media Library using Panopto Capture

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If you would like to record your content using your browser, this guide provides details on how to record Media Library video using the Panopto Capture tool. Panopto Capture is a browser-based recording tool that does not require the installation of any tools on you computer.  Panopto Capture was created to be simple to use, so it does not have a lot of extra features.  Recordings created using the Panopto Capture tool will be uploaded directly to Media Library into the folder you designate.Given the simpler and more streamlined interface, most users prefer to use the Panopto Capture tool.

  1. Navigate into your course site on Canvas and click the "Media Library" tool in your course navigation to open your course's Media Library folder.
  1. Click the "Create" button across the top, and select "Panopto Capture."
  1. The Panopto Capture tool will open in a new tab in your browser. here is a brief overview of the components of the Panopto Capture interface:
    1. Audio input - change / select your audio (microphone) selection if you have more than one audio input option. You can also disable your audio if you do not want to record any sound.
    2. Video input - change / select your video (webcam, etc.) selection if you have more than one video input option. You can disable your video if you do not want to record any video.
    3. Screen and Application input - select if you want to record any specific screens and/or applications on your computer to include as a media stream in your Panopto recording. If you do not select anything, it will only record your video / audio per your prior selections.
    4. Settings - choose basic settings for your recording including enabling a 5-second countdown timer when starting to record and blurring the video background.
    5. Record / Stop button - toggle this button to begin and stop recording.

For Mac users, depending on the browser you are using, you may need to give additional permission for Chrome or Firefox to access your screen prior to recording a PowerPoint presentation. To learn more about this, please visit Panopto's Why isn’t my screen being recorded on Mac when using Capture? article.

  1. Once you have selected the "Audio," "Video," and "Screen and Apps" sources, you can click the "Record" button in the bottom-middle of the interface to start capturing the various streams of media.
  1. While the recording is in process, you can select the "Stop" button, which will end the recording and begin the process of uploading / processing the video to be displayed in the Media Library folder.
    1. The timer keeps track of how long the recorder has been running.
  1. Once the recording has ended, the Panopto Capture interface will be replaced by a page where you can change the Title and Folder of the recording.
    1. Add a Description if you would like, but it is not necessary.
  2. Select the "Record New" button if you want to record a new video in Panopto Capture, or click the "Redo" button to delete the recording you just made and record again.
  3. Click the "Edit" button to be taken into the Panopto editor to make edits (i.e. trims, cuts, add other streams / interactions, etc.), or the "View" button to watch what you just recorded.
  1. When done, you can close out of the Panopto Capture tab in your browser. Your video will appear in your Canvas Media Library folder once you refresh the page.
    1. You may see the video listed in your Media Library folder, but the video may not be available immediately to watch. Panopto may need to go through multiple rounds of processing as it combines and readies the various streams of media you recorded into a singular video.

Please visit the vendor's article on How to create a video using Panopto Capture to review additional resources on Panopto Capture.

For more help, please contact [email protected].

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