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Using Breakout Rooms in Zoom

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The breakout room feature in Zoom allows you to split your Zoom meeting into smaller groups, and allows the host and co-hosts to move between breakout rooms as desired. Breakout rooms can be created automatically (random room assignment), manually, or with the ability for participants to select which room they would like to join. Zoom also provides a feature to pre-assign participants to breakout rooms in advance by adding the breakout room information to your meeting.

Zoom Guides on Using Breakout Rooms

Zoom Guide on Managing Breakout Rooms

This guide covers:

  • Creating breakout rooms
  • Options for breakout room behavior
  • Joining breakout rooms as a host or co-host
  • Broadcasting messages to breakout rooms
  • Responding to requests for help from participants in breakout rooms
  • And more...

Zoom Guide on Participating in Breakout Rooms

This guide covers:

  • Joining a breakout room as a participant
  • Requesting permission to record in a breakout room
  • Leaving a breakout room
  • And more...

Zoom Guide on Pre-assigning Participants to Breakout Rooms

This guide covers:

  • Pre-requisites and limitations for pre-assigning breakout rooms
  • Pre-assigning participants using the web portal
  • Starting a meeting with pre-assigned breakout rooms
  • Recovering to pre-assigned breakout rooms
  • And more...

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