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Sharing Media Library Content with Specific People

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Media Library content associated with a course folder is shared automatically with the users enrolled in that course. However, it is possible to share Media Library content with specific individuals directly and not with the entire student enrollment by creating a new folder in your course Media Library and editing the permissions.

  1. In your course Media Library select Add Folder, type your folder name and hit enter to create the folder. 

2. Click on the created folder to access the folder.

  1.  In the new folder select the Share icon to enter the sharing permissions settings for the folder.
  1.  In the folder share settings, select the Change option next to the inherited permissions settings.

5. Select Stop Inheriting to allow you to change the folder sharing permissions. Ensure you leave the toggle checked to keep the current user groups.

6. Select the X next to the viewer permission group to remove it. This ensure that students will not longer have default access to the content in this folder.

7. Select Save to save your changes

8. To share the entire folder with specific people, you can type their names in the Add people and groups field and then select the Canvas identity of the desired individual.

9. To share a specific video in the folder, click the Share button on the desired video.

10. To share the specific video, type the name of the desired user in the Add people and groups field and select their Canvas identity.

11. When sharing a folder or video you can choose if you want to send a notification to the added viewers. If you want to send a notification, leave the toggle selected and choose Send

Viewers will not be able to access a folder that is not shared with them even if content within that folder is shared with them. If you choose to not notify them through the Panopto interface, you will need to share the content link with the viewer directly.

12. If you do not wish to send a notification, uncheck the toggle and then select Save

Your video or folder is now shared with the specified users and will not be available to the wider student enrollment. Access can be removed by going back in to the share settings for the folder or video and removing the desired user.

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