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Creating New Media Library Folders

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Every Canvas course has access to the Media Library, which creates a course folder that provides access to any media files uploaded to it to the students enrolled in the course. Instructors can also create new sub folders in their Media Library course folder to organize materials. These additional folders can also be used to change the share / access permissions that the main Media Library course folder sets.

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Creating a New Folder

  1. In your Canvas course click the "Media Library" button in the course navigation to open your Media Library course folder.
  1. Click the "Add Folder" dotted-line box at the top of the Media Library content section.
    1. Type the name of the folder in the box and click Enter / Return on your keyboard when done to create the folder.

Changing Sub-Folder Settings / Share Permissions

By default sub-folders "inherit" the sharing / access permissions of their parent folders. This means that sub-folders created in a Media Library course folder inherit the sharing permissions of that course folder. The instructor can change the sharing permissions of any sub-folder to align with the level and kind of access they want without interrupting or changing the access to their main Media Library course folder.

  1. In the Media Library course folder, click the sub-folder title from the list across the top of the media content section to open the sub-folder.
  1. Click the Gear icon in the top-right corner to open the Overview / Settings menu of the sub-folder.
  1. In the pop-up box that opens, use the side navigation to open the "Share" options or the folder "Settings."
    1. Review the Sharing Media Library Content and the Sharing a Media Library Folder for more information about sharing permissions
    2. In the "Settings" section, instructors can edit options like when sessions in the folder are made available to students.

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