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Allowing Media Library (Panopto) Access in the iOS Canvas App

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The iOS Canvas app requires certain settings to allow your Canvas credentials to be automatically used to view Panopto (Media Library) content. Without these settings enabled, you may see a notice to "click to sign in and play" on content within the Canvas app, and clicking may not bring up the ability to sign in and view the content. This article shows the setting that needs to be changed to allow for easier access to Panopto content.

  1. Select the "Settings" icon to enter your iOS settings.
  1. Access the app settings for your Canvas app.
    1. If you are an instructor, you will access the Canvas Teacher app settings.
    2. If you are a student, you can access the Canvas Student app settings.
  1. Toggle the setting to "Allow Cross-Website Tracking" so it is enabled (green in color and the toggle is to the right).
    1. When viewing embedded Panopto content in your Canvas iOS app, you should now be automatically logged in to Panopto for access to the content.

For more help, please contact [email protected].

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