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Viewing Other Media Library Folders You have Access to

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Instructors are able to navigate to alternative Media Library folders they have access to from within the Medial Library Canvas integration so they can view what content they have in specific folders.

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Media Library Course Folders

  1. Click into the Media Library from the course navigation of your Canvas course.
  1. Click the Folder name at the top of the page.
  1. From the drop down that opens, click the folder name from a list of "Quick access" folders you have visited recently, or navigate through the "All folders" section to find potentially older / rarely visited folders you have access to.

My Folder

All Media Library users have access to a private folder called "My Folder." This is a space where you can record and upload videos that are not accessible to other users unless you specifically modify the sharing permissions for the individual media files.

You can access this folder by following the instructions in the above section and selecting "My Folder" from the drop down menu.

If you have access to a lot of Media Library folders, you may need to scroll down through the menu to find "My Folder."

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