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Using the Zoom / Panopto (Media Library) Integration

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The Zoom / Panopto (Media Library) integration will allow sessions scheduled through Zoom in Canvas, and recorded to the Zoom cloud, to be automatically imported to the Media Library section of the Canvas course site. This guide will cover the steps needed to ensure recordings are placed appropriately in your Media Library.

For more information, you can also check out our "Zoom Cloud Recordings: Accessing / Downloading / Sharing via Media Library" article.

Scheduling Your Zoom Session in Canvas

To have your Cloud recorded Zoom sessions automatically imported to your course Media Library, first schedule your Zoom session through the Zoom tool in Canvas by selecting "Schedule a New Meeting." If you need to enable Zoom in your Canvas course, you can find a guide here.

Recording Your Session to the Zoom Cloud

Zoom sessions can be set to automatically record the Cloud when your are scheduling the meeting. You can also have the Cloud recording manually started while in the session.

To set your Zoom session to automatically record when it is started, select "Automatically record meeting" in your meeting option settings and ensure "In the cloud" is selected.

Be sure to disable “join before host” to prevent recording students who join the meeting before the host arrives.

To manually begin your session recording, select "Record" once in your session and then select "Record to the Cloud."

Confirming Your Recording has been Imported to Your Media Library

When your recording has finished, it will be processed in Zoom's cloud. Once it has finished processing on Zoom's cloud it will be imported to your Media Library in your Canvas course.

Once it has been imported you will see your session in your Media Library section of your Canvas course. The name on the recording will be the name given to your Zoom session when it was scheduled. Additional details about the meeting recording will be amended in the video description as well.

The length of this process is determined by the duration of your recording and the processing time for both Zoom and Panopto, there may be a delay of up to a few hours between your Zoom recording ending and it being available in your Media Library.

Turning Off Zoom Cloud Recording Notifications

Due to this integration, you may no longer want to receive notifications regarding your Zoom Cloud recordings since they are transferred to the media library automatically. To turn off notifications:

  1. Login to and select "Settings" on left-hand menu.
  2. Select or scroll down to the "Email Notification" section.
  3. Toggle the "When a cloud recording is available" option to the off position.

Explore our "Zoom Cloud Recordings: Accessing / Downloading / Sharing via Media Library" article for more information about Cloud recordings and uploading to the Media Library.

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