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VoiceThread: Setting Up Non-Graded Activities

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VoiceThread is a learning tool that helps facilitate student engagement and online discussions. Instructors and students can use VoiceThread to create and share various types of media artifacts including images, videos, audio files, documents, and more. They can then collaborate and discuss these items by leaving comments via text, phone, video, or audio upload.

This article will review how to create a non-graded VoiceThread activity / link for students to engage with in your Canvas course.

  1. Navigate to the "Modules" section from the Course Navigation menu.
  2. Find the module to which you would like to add a VoiceThread item, and click the "Add Content" button.
    1. Check out our resource on Creating Modules if you need to create a new module.
  1. From the pop-up box that opens, click the "Add" drop down menu and select "External Tool" from the list.
  2. Scroll down through the list of tools available and click "VoiceThread" near the bottom.
  3. Update the "Page Name" field to set what title should display in the Canvas Module for students to click on.
  4. Elect to have VoiceThread "Load in a new tab" by checking the box.
  5. When done, click the "Add Item" button.
  1. The VoiceThread link will be added to your Module in Canvas. Click on the VoiceThread item you just created to continue setting up your non-graded VoiceThread item.
  1. The VoiceThread setup page will open where you can choose an activity type.
    1. Individual VoiceThread - Display a single VoiceThread.
    2. Course View - Display all the VoiceThreads shared with this course.
    3. VT Home Page - Display all VoiceThreads and all courses a student is enrolled in.
  2. Once selected, click the "Continue" button.

Selecting the "Individual VoiceThread" option will necessitate you to create and/or select a VoiceThread to be linked to this VoiceThread item in your Canvas Module. Please visit VoiceThread's support for creating an Individual VoiceThread for more information.

For more help with VoiceThread, please contact [email protected].

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