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FeedbackFruits: Editing an Activity Linked in Canvas

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Once an activity in FeedbackFruits is linked to a Canvas Assignment, you can still update / change many of the settings of the activity including things like activity instructions / directions, activity component due dates, and grade configuration.

A common error in trying to edit a pre-existing FeedbackFruits activity linked to a Canvas Assignment is to go back into the "Settings" page of the Canvas Assignment and clicking the "Find" button under the "External App" header to select and open the FeedbackFruits activity you previously made.

This is not the recommended workflow for editing a FeedbackFruits activity already connected in Canvas as this will create a duplicate of the FeedbackFruits activity and connect this new copy to the Canvas Assignment.

Please use the process below to edit / change settings on a FeedbackFruits activity without duplicating and replacing your activity.

We are excited to announce that at the end of the Fall 2023 semester, we have officially licensed the FeedbackFruits Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation tools for use in Canvas @ Yale academic course sites. The entire FeedbackFruits tool suite will continue to be available for adoption in all academic courses through Spring 2024, at which point we will assess if any additional FeedbackFruits tools will be licensed.

  1. In your Canvas course, navigate to the "Assignments" section of the Course Navigation and click on your FeedbackFruits activity.
  1. In the Canvas Assignment, click the "Edit" button in the top-right corner of the embedded FeedbackFruits activity.
    1. If your FeedbackFruits activity is set to open in a new window, click the button to open the FeedbackFruits activity and then click the "Edit" button on the FeedbackFruits page.
  1. Make any adjustments to the FeedbackFruits activity settings that you need. When done, click the "Save" button in the top-right corner of the FeedbackFruits interface.

Be sure to check out the FeedbackFruits Help Guides (Vendor Support) for more assistance and guidance on creating / configuring your FeedbackFruits activities.

For more help with FeedbackFruits please email [email protected].

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