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Migrating Media Library Content from One Course Folder to Another

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Migrating your course media content from one semester to another can be accomplished by copying, moving, or sharing your media content to different Media Library folders. Depending on how you distribute your materials, you may want to one of these three functions over another to ensure uninterrupted access to your materials.

If you have embedded your Media Library files onto Canvas Pages / Assignments / Modules / etc. (e.g. the students view / play the video on the Canvas Page / Assignment / Module / etc. without going directly to the Media Library) you may prefer to follow the instructions for Sharing Files / Folders with Another Media Library Course Folder to prevent your embedded videos from breaking.

Video: Two Ways to Migrate / Transfer Library Items

Sharing Files / Folders with Another Media Library Course Folder

If you are embedding your Media Library content into Canvas tools (like Pages / Modules / Assignments / etc.), a better process for you would be to share the original Media Library files or folders with your new course, rather than copying and/or moving them.

By sharing the files, the files will not appear in the Media Library folder of the new course site, but anyone enrolled in the new course would still be able to view the content that is embedded in the Canvas tools.

  1. Go to your current course that you want to share content with and click on the Media Library button.  
    1. Notice the Media Library folder name for your new course as you will need this folder name for the next steps.
  1. Navigate to the prior Canvas course site's Media Library folder (or other location where your videos are stored). Click the Share icon for the folder or the "Share" button for an individual file.

For most instructors, the original videos will be stored in the Media Library of a prior version of their Canvas course.  

If your video files are stored elsewhere in Media Library (like in your "My Folder" Media Library folder), you should navigate to that folder and then follow the rest of the instructions.

  1. In the pop-up window, make sure that the option for who has access is set to "Specific people."
  2. Click into the Invite people box and start typing in the name of the Media Library folder from your NEW Canvas course.
    1. As you type, the results should appear under the text box.
  3. You will need to add access for both the "Viewer" group (users with a student-level role in your new Canvas course) and the "Creator" group (users with an instructor or TA level role in your new Canvas course).
  1. Confirm that the group you selected is listed in the Invite people box.  
  2. Unselect the option to "Notify people," and then click the "Save" button.
Moving / Copying Media Library Items / Folders

Access the Moving / Copying Media Library Items / Folder article directly.

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