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Methods to Record, Upload, and Share Course Welcome Videos on the Media Library in Canvas

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This article explains three different methods for capturing and sharing videos to your Media Library in your Canvas course site, specifically for the creation of Course Welcome Videos. These methods can be used to record and share other videos as well.

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This article will address the following information:

Method 1: Panopto Capture

Method 2: Zoom Cloud Recording

Method 3: Smartphone

The interface represented in the screenshots below are from an Android device. Apple smartphones may have a slightly different look, though the instructions are the same.

  1. Download the “Panopto Mobile” app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play store (Android). When opening Panopto Mobile for the first time, click on the three dots icon in the upper-right corner.
    1. Select to “enter site manually," and enter "" into the text box that opens.
    2. You will then go through the CAS login process (this is similar to logging into canvas using your Yale NetID and password).
  1. Click “Browse” on the bottom-right corner and select the folder you want to record / upload to.
  1. Once in the folder you want to work in, click the “+blue circle icon in the bottom-right corner.
  1. Select to either "Record a video" or "Upload Media."
    1. Upload preexisting media you recorded on your smartphone and/or have access to on your smartphone.
  1. When creating a new video in the app, click the red circle "Record" button to start recording.
    1. Once done recording, hit "Stop" and the application will upload and process automatically.

When filming with your smartphone, we advise you record horizontally as vertical videos only use a small portion of a viewers window.

  1. Once uploaded and processed, the media will appear in the folder you initiated the recording from on your smartphone's Panopto Mobile app.
    1. You can now view, share, and edit the media by accessing the Media Library from any laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
  2. You can now Embed Media Library Content into Canvas Pages or Share Media Library Content.

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