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Adding a Passcode / Waiting Room to Your Canvas Zoom Meetings

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Zoom requires all meetings to have either a passcode and / or waiting room enabled to ensure meetings are as secure as possible. If you have scheduled meetings in Zoom via the Canvas Zoom tool, this guide will show you how to add a passcode and / or waiting room to those sessions.

When adding a passcode, the passcode will be included within the link students use to join via the Zoom tool in Canvas. Students accessing the meeting using the "join" button within the Zoom section of the Canvas course should not be prompted to enter a passcode, and can enter the meeting as they did previously. If students join via the Canvas calendar, they will need to have the passcode for the meeting.

  1. Select "Zoom" in the left-hand course navigation to access the Zoom section of your Canvas course.

If you do not see Zoom in your course navigation, check out our "Enabling Zoom within a Canvas Course" article for assistance making Zoom available.

  1. In the Zoom section of your course you will see your "Upcoming Meetings." Click your Zoom session title in the "Topic" column to open the details of that Zoom session.

If you have scheduled a recurring session you will only need to edit the most recent meeting, which will then update the remaining occurrences.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the meeting information and click the "Edit this Meeting" button, which will allow you to change the settings for your scheduled meeting(s).
  1. In the "Security" section of your Zoom session settings, check off "Passcode" and / or "Waiting room" to enable these features.
    1. When you check off "Passcode" you will be prompted to add a passcode in the provided text box.
  1. Once you have updated your security settings, select "Save" at the bottom of your meeting information to save the changes.
    1. Once saved, all recurring sessions will be updated. If you have scheduled other sessions through the Canvas Zoom tool with different meeting IDs, follow these same steps for those sessions.

If you have set a passcode, the passcode will be embedded within the join link students will use from the Zoom section of the course site and will allow them to use the "join" button from the Zoom section to access the meeting without the need to enter the passcode.

For more help, please contact [email protected].

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