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How to Enable ASR Captioning for Folders

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Instructors have the option to enable Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) captioning, also referred to as Automatic Machine Captions, as a captioning service for folders. When enabled for a folder, all new videos added to the folder will have ASR captions automatically added, and these captions can still be edited.

Captions created through ASR are not 100% accurate. Captions added to media this way should be reviewed and edited before being used for your content.

This will not automatically apply ASR captions to any existing videos in the folder(s), only to new videos. Creators may go in and add ASR captioning to their existing videos by following the steps listed in Importing Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Generated Captions

  1. In the folder to which you want to add ASR Captioning, select the Settings icon from the upper right-hand corner.
  1. On the Settings window, select the Settings tab.

3. Scroll to the section Captions, select the drop-down menu for Automatically caption new sessions using, and then select Automatic Machine Captions.

4. ASR captions will be automatically applied to any new videos uploaded to the folder. Please note: This will not be applied to existing videos in the folder. 

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