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Recording Videos in Media Library using Panopto Recorder

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If you would like to record your content using the Panopto application on your own computer, this guide provides details on how to record Media Library video using the Panopto Recorder.

  1. Navigate into your course site on Canvas and click the "Media Library" tool in your course navigation to open your course's Media Library folder.
  1. Click the "Create" button across the top, and select "Panopto for Windows" / "Panopto for Mac" depending on your operating system to open the Panopto Recorder.
  1. Click the "Open Panopto" button and then confirm that you want to "Open Panopto Recorder" in the browser pop-up before the recorder will launch and you can begin recording.

If you have not already downloaded the Panopto Recorder to your computer, you will be prompted to do so.

  1. The Panopto Recorder will open on your computer. Here is a brief overview of the components of the Panopto Recorder:
    1. Record Button - start recording the various video / audio sources the Panopto Recorder has enabled.
    2. Folder - the Media Library folder the recording will be recorded and stored to when done processing (videos can be copied / moved after they are created).
    3. Name - the recording title that will be displayed in the Media Library folder. The name of a recording can be changed / updated after the recording has been created.
    4. Primary Sources - the primary audio / video selection which includes options to select your "Video" source (i.e. web camera) as well as "Audio" source (i.e. microphone). There is also an option to adjust the Primary Source recording "Quality" and to "Capture Computer Audio" if there is sound coming from the computer that you want to record as well.
    5. Secondary Sources - select if you want to also record other sources of media in your recording at the same time as your Primary Sources. You can capture a PowerPoint directly, your main screen, and/or other video sources (i.e. other monitors, web cameras, video inputs, etc.).
    6. Secondary Source Preview / Tabs - use the tabs across the top to toggle a preview of what you will record from the secondary sources list.
    7. Resolution - Set the screen resolution as well as Frames Per Section (fps) for a smoother looking recording.

This image below is the interface for the Panopto Recorder on a Windows PC. The Panopto Recorder interface looks slightly different for a Mac computer. To learn more about the Mac specific Panopto Recorder, check out Panopto's support article about it.

  1. Once you have set Primary Sources and Secondary Sources you can click the "Record" button to start capturing the various streams of media.
image showing record button within panopto recorder
  1. While the recording is in process, you can select to "Stop" the recording which will end recording and begin the process of upload / processing the video to be displayed in the Media Library folder, or you can select the "Pause" the recording which just stops the recording until you either start or stop the recording again.
    1. The "Recording" timer keeps track of how long the recorder has been capturing for the video.
  1. Once the recording has ended, a pop-up box will open where you can edit the "Session Name" (if you have not already) and add a "Description" if desired.
  2. Select the "Delete and record again" button if you want to not save the recording attempt you just finished, or click the "Done" button to upload the video to Panopto to allow it to begin processing.

For more resources please see the Panopto guides on Recording with Panopto for Windows and Recording with Panopto for Mac.

For more help, please contact [email protected].

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