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FeedbackFruits: Copying FeedbackFruits Activities from One Canvas Course to Another

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There are multiple ways of copying FeedbackFruits activities over from one Canvas course to another so that you do not need to completely recreate a FeedbackFruits assignment from scratch every semester you want to use it. The instructions below will go over each method in detail.

The full FeedbackFruits suite of tools is not available for Canvas @ Yale.

Yale University has officially licensed the FeedbackFruits Peer ReviewGroup Member Evaluation, Interactive DocumentInteractive Video, and Discussion on Work tools for use in Canvas @ Yale academic course sites.

Table of Contents

Method 1: Canvas Course Import

Using this method requires you to import the entire Canvas course you are pulling from. You cannot import only select assignment / activities / resources from the Canvas site. Your FeedbackFruits activities will appear broken in your course site you do not import everything.

  1. Navigate to the Canvas course where you want to import your content to and click the "Import Existing Content" button.
    1. You will find this button on both the "Home" page or "Settings" page of your Canvas course.
    2. In the example image below, our "Syllabus" page has been set as our Home so that is where we will find our import button.
  1. Under the "Import Content" header, click the "Content Type" drop down menu.
  2. Select the "Copy a Canvas course" option.
  1. Type in the "Search for a course" text box the name of the course you want to import / copy over to this course and select it from the menu that appears.
  2. Check off the "All content" radio button.
  3. When ready, click the "Import" button.

Do not check off the "Select specific content" radio button as only selecting your FeedbackFruits activities in the course import process will result in your activities being broken and need to be manually connected / created again.

  1. Under the "Current Jobs" header at the bottom of the page, you will see the "Course Copy" job process, run, and then show itself as "Completed."
  1. Your FeedbackFruits activities, and all other Canvas materials from the other course, have been successfully imported to your current course.

Be sure to go back and review / edit your newly imported FeedbackFruits activities to update any new Due Dates or Canvas group affiliations for each assignment.

Method 2: Copying from a "Recent" FeedbackFruits Activity

The "Copy from existing" function in FeedbackFruits may be particularly useful if the content is relevant in multiple courses you are configuring. If you want to use the same activity including material and instructions for another course, the "Copy from existing" function can save you time replicating the activity.

  1. In your Canvas course, navigate to the "Assignments" section in the Course Navigation.
  2. Click the "+ Assignment" button.
  1. In the new assignment set-up page, scroll down to the "Submission Type" settings and change the selection to "External Tool."
  2. Click the "Find" button.
  1. In the pop-up that opens, scroll down the alphabetical list to find and click on the "FeedbackFruits" option.
  1. The FeedbackFruits set-up box will open. Under the "Copy from Existing" column on the right-hand side click the "Recent" activity from the list to select that activity to copy.
    1. Use the "Search existing" text box to search for a specific recent activity if you do not see it in the short list of three recent activities.
    2. You can also click the "Show More" button below the list of recent activities to load more.
  1. The FeedbackFruits activity selected will open into its settings page, where you can make adjustments specific to this copy of the activity.
    1. Review and update any instructions specific to this activity copy.
    2. Consider updating / reviewing the "Student Collaboration" settings if you are using Groups.
    3. Update and change any individual component Due Dates.
  2. Update the FeedbackFruits activity name at the top of the pop-up window.
    1. We recommend you differentiate the activity names of your copies to avoid having multiples of the same activity name in your "Recent" list, which can create confusion later on.
  3. Once done editing this new copy, click the "Save" button in the top-right.
  1. You will be brought back to the External Tool selection pop-up window in Canvas, where you can click the "Select" button now that you've saved your FeedbackFruits activity.
  1. Your FeedbackFruits activity settings will be applied to the Canvas assignment including the "Assignment Name," "Description," and "Points."
    1. Edit any of these settings / fields if you do not want to use the inherited FeedbackFruits information.
  2. When done, click the "Save and Publish" button.

Be sure to check out the FeedbackFruits Help Guides (Vendor Support) for more assistance and guidance on creating / configuring your FeedbackFruits activities.

For more help with FeedbackFruits please email [email protected].

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