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LabArchives: Overview

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LabArchives is a cloud-based Electronic Lab Notebook to enable researchers, instructors, and students to store, organize, and publish their research data. Special features include iOS and Android Apps, classroom integration, and support for funding agencies' data management plan requirements. LabArchives is free to use for Yale community members who have an active Yale email address. 

LabArchives can currently only store low-risk data.

Learn more about low, moderate and high risk data guidelines from Yale’s Cyber Security Team

Why use LabArchives?

LabArchives provides instructors a digital space for students to upload and organize their lab work / research for easier collaboration, reference, and review. LabArchives supports assignment submissions, feedback, lab templates, schedulers, folder organization, and more to support instructors, students, and labs operate smoothly.

Key Features of LabArchives

  • Ability to upload and store files including text, tables, images, spreadsheets, and attachments in their original format.
  • Ability to create standard ELN formats and templates for your research group.
  • Compatibility across multiple platforms, including mobile devices.
  • Maintain all revisions of ELN entries.

Use Cases for LabArchives

A non-exhaustive list outlining what instructors can use LabArchives to facilitate include:

  • Utilizing assignments and course folders to organize student lab work
  • Creating lab report templates for student to use when completing assignments
  • Providing collaborative notebook spaces for students to share notes / lab results

What will my students see?

Additional Resources

There are several online resources to provide additional support:

For more assistance with using LabArchives, please email [email protected] or [email protected].

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