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Qualtrics LTI: Connecting Your Canvas Account to the Qualtrics LTI

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The Qualtrics LTI is the bridge between Canvas and Qualtrics that allows instructors to deploy Qualtrics surveys in their Canvas course. Instructors can create truly anonymous surveys, as well as tracked surveys that can pass "complete/incomplete" or "percent complete" grades back to the Canvas gradebook. This article will go over how to connect your Canvas account to the Qualtrics LTI so you can begin utilizing Qualtrics surveys.

  1. Click on your "Account" icon in the Canvas Global Navigation menu and select "Qualtrics LTI" from the drawer that opens.
  1. Click into the "Select a Qualtrics domain" box and select the "Yale Survey (Qualtrics)" option.
  2. Click the "Login now" button.
  1. A pop-up window will open and ask you to sign in. Select the "Sign in with SSO" option below the username / password fields.
  1.  In the Organization ID text box, type in "yalesurvey."
  2. When done, click the "Continue" button.
  1. You'll be redirected to input your Yale University NetID and Password to sign in. Once authenticated, your Qualtrics LTI will be set up and ready to start connecting Qualtric surveys in your Canvas courses.

For more help with the Qualtrics LTI in Canvas, please email [email protected]

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