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WordPress: Requesting a WordPress Blog Site

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WordPress is a popular blogging software powered by our local instance of CampusPress by EduBlogs and made available through Canvas for use in teaching. WordPress course blog sites are available upon request for official courses, and will be linked to your Canvas site automatically.

WordPress course blog sites are connected to Canvas courses in a one-to-one structure, meaning that a single WordPress site can only be associated with a single Canvas course. We cannot connect the same WordPress course blog to multiple courses in Canvas. However, any course in Canvas can have a WordPress site connected to it.

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Request a WordPress Course Blog Site for Your Canvas Course

If you want to duplicate the WordPress blog content from a previous semester's WordPress blog site, identify that you want to import the previous blog content and include the previous Canvas Course name (including the specific semester) in the "Additional Information" text box field of the form linked below.

To request a WordPress for Canvas site, please fill out the WordPress for Canvas Request form.

After a WordPress site is requested and integrated in your Canvas course, a new tab will appear in the course navigation called "Course Blog." Once clicked, you will be taken to your course specific WordPress site. The integration with Canvas provides roster syncing and easy access to the blog through Canvas.

Request a General Purpose WordPress Blog Site

If you are interested in having a WordPress blog site not tied to a course, or for use not connected to Canvas at all, consider creating a WordPress site through Yale's instance of CampusPress.

For additional assistance in using Wordpress in Canvas, please email [email protected].

For more help, please contact [email protected].

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