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Finding and Moving Content that was in Media Gallery (Classes*v2)

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If you had content in the Media Gallery on Classes*v2, it has automatically been transferred over to the Media Library (Panopto) in Canvas. This guide will show you how to locate media you uploaded to the Media Gallery in Classes*v2, and how to move / copy it to your Media Library folders within your Canvas courses.

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  1. Log into the Media Library at by selecting the "Login" button and entering your NetID and Password when prompted.
  1. In the left hand column under "Browse" will be a folder named "Media Gallery," which will have a folder within titled your NetID.
    1. This folder will have the content you uploaded to your Media Gallery in Classes*v2.

Please note that this is only content you uploaded and may not be all the content used in your course.

Content that was used in your course but uploaded by another user will not appear in this folder.

If you need access to material uploaded by another user, please email [email protected].

Moving / Copying Media Library Items / Folders

Once you have located your Media Gallery content transferred from Classes*v2 in its Media Library folder, you can follow the normal process for Moving / Copying Media Library Items / Folders to distribute your content in your Media Library course folders associated with Canvas courses, or other personal folders.

For more help, please contact [email protected].

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