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Syncing Your Canvas Roster to Poll Everywhere

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Syncing your Canvas course roster is a useful way to help view responses to your polls in the reports section on Poll Everywhere based on your course enrollment. If you do not want to track named student answers or participation for your polls, you do not need to sync your course roster.

  1. In your Canvas course site, navigate to the "Modules" section in the Course Navigation and click the "+ Module" button if a preexisting Module is not already created.
    1. If creating a new Module, provide a "Module Name" and then click the "Add Module" button to confirm the module's creation.
  2. Once the new module is created, click the "+" button to add module content.
  1. In the item selector pop-up window that opens, use the "Add" drop down menu to select "External Tool."
  2. Scroll through the list of available External Tools and select "Poll Everywhere."
  1. Once Poll Everywhere is selected the "URL" and "Page Name" fields will be automatically populated with the required information.
  2. Check the "Load in a new tab" checkbox.
  3. Click the "Add Item" button.
  1. The Poll Everywhere External tool will now be created and visible in your Module. Click the Poll Everywhere tool in the module, which will open a new tab and redirect you to Poll Everywhere.
    1. Click the "Load Poll Everywhere in a new window" button to redirect to Poll Everywhere.
    2. You may be asked to click the "Continue to" button in the new tab that opens, which will take you through Poll Everywhere.

You may be prompted to log into Poll Everywhere prior to accessing.

  1. For the "Email or username" to login, input your Yale University email address and then click "Next."
  2. You will then be prompted to click the "Log in with Yale" button to be taken through to Yale University Poll Everywhere account.
  1. In the new Poll Everywhere tab you will see your Course Title across the top of the page. Click the "Sync roster" button to import your students from your Canvas course to Poll Everywhere.
  1. A notification page will open confirming that your roster sync is in process and will be completed in a few minutes. Click the "Go to Participants page" button to go directly to the Participants page where you will be able to verify that the import was successful.
  1. Even if the course roster has not been synced yet, you can confirm that the sync is in process because there will be a new "Group" named after your course in the top-right corner.
  2. The synced roster students will appear in the table with the group(s) they are enrolled in.
  1. Once the course roster has by synced on Poll Everywhere, you can navigate back to your Canvas course and delete the Poll Everywhere item (and module) that you used to launch the sync.
    1. This is an optional step as you can use the Poll Everywhere item in your Canvas module to launch future Poll Everywhere actions such as syncing the roster again for the course, or helping to navigate to your course group in Poll Everywhere quickly.

For more assistance, please contact [email protected].

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