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Respondus LockDown Browser: Overview

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Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down a student's testing environment so that they are unable to navigate to other web pages or open other applications on the device they are taking the exam on. When used, students must download the browser in order to take a Canvas Quizzes item in which an instructor requires a LockDown environment. LockDown Browser can be enabled on any graded quiz in your course site.

Respondus LockDown Browser will no longer function on machines running Windows 7 on June 28, 2023.

Students using Windows 7 will need to upgrade to Windows 10/11 or find another device that is supported. LockDown Browser can be used with Windows 10+, Mac 10.13+, Chromebook, and iPads running iOS 11+ (the iPad setting must be enabled by the instructor). 

The use of LockDown Browser is not a guarantee to prevent academic dishonesty—students who have access to multiple internet-enabled devices could still potentially access the internet during the exam to view and reference materials.

Please note that Yale does not use the Respondus Monitor service.

Why Use Respondus LockDown Browser?

Although Respondus LockDown Browser does not fully protect against academic dishonesty, it may be useful to you if you would like the following features during a Canvas Quiz:

  • Browser menu and toolbar options are removed, except for Back, Forward, Refresh and Stop
  • Prevention of access to other applications including messaging, screen-sharing, virtual machines, and remote desktops
  • Printing and screen capture functions are disabled
  • Copying and pasting anything to or from an assessment is prevented
  • Right-click menu options, function keys, keyboard shortcuts and task switching are disabled
  • An assessment cannot be exited until the student submits it for grading

Use Cases for Respondus LockDown Browser

A non-exhaustive list outlining what Instructors can use Respondus LockDown Browser to facilitate include:

  • Lock down student testing attempts during high stakes / summative exams
  • Utilize more robust counters to students potentially accessing course materials while taking an exam on Canvas in person
  • Prevent students from taking screen shots of exam questions to share

How do I use Respondus LockDown Browser in my Canvas Course?

What will my students see?

Please reference our student guide on Taking Respondus LockDown Browser Enabled Quizzes below for more information on the student experience with Respondus LockDown Browser.

For more help, please contact [email protected].

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