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Sharing Media Library Content

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Media Library content associated with a course folder is shared automatically with the users enrolled in that course. However, it is possible to share media library content with specific individuals directly.

  1. Click into the Media Library from the course navigation of your Canvas course.
  1. Hover over the video you want to extend access to so that the additional video option buttons appear.
    1. Click the "Share" button.
  1. In the pop-up box that opens the "Share" settings of the video, begin typing the email address of the user you want to share the Media Library content with into the text box available at the top of the window.
    1. The user(s) accounts will appear below the text box for you to choose from. Click the User's account from the "Suggested user" list.
  1. Once the user(s) is selected, you can choose to check off the "Notify people" option, which will send an email letting the user know that they now have access to the content.
    1. If "Notify people" is unchecked, the "Message" box will disappear.
  2. Check off the "Include table of contents and transcript if available" option if you want to include this information in the message email.
  3. When ready to share the media content with the user(s), click the "Send" button.

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