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Enabling and Adding Alt-text to Images in Poll Everywhere

This article will show how to enable the alt-text feature in your Poll Everywhere account, as well as how to add alt-text to images within Poll Everywhere.

Log in to

In a browser, navigate to and log in using your account credentials.

Access your profile settings

 The left hand menu in Poll Everywhere with the profile icon highlighted

Access your profile settings by clicking the profile icon in the lower left hand corner.

Access the features lab section of your profile

Poll Everywhere profile settings with the features lab section highlighted

Select the features lab option in your user profile settings.

Enable the alt-text feature and save settings

 The feature lab page within Poll Everywhere with the image alt-text option toggled to on and the apply lab settings button highlighted

1. Click the toggle on the image alt-text feature so it shows as being on.

2. Click "apply lab settings" to save the change.

Create a new activity

 Poll Everywhere page with the add activity button highlighted

Return to your Poll Everywhere page and select the button to create a new activity.

Add an image to a question or answer option

The Poll Everywhere activity creation screen with an add image button highlighted

Select the image icon on a question or answer (where applicable) to upload an image.

Add image alt-text to the image

The alt-text field filled out with the text "a photo of a cute cat" next to the uploaded photo of a cute cat

In the text box next to the image, add the alt-text describing the image.

Information on creating good alt-text for images

For resources on what to include with alt-text please see Yale's usability and accessibility guide on images here: