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Creating Polls in Poll Everywhere

This guide will show you how to create and customize polls within Poll Everywhere.

Select "Create"

From your Poll Everywhere dashboard, select "Create" in the upper left of the page. This will take you to the poll creation page.

Create your question

You can now choose a variety of options for creating your poll.

1. Question Type - This is where you can select which type of question you would like to create. Poll Everywhere allows for a broad selection of question types including multiple choice, free response, Q&A and clickable image.

2. Title - This is where you will enter your question or prompt for responses.

3. Correct Answer - If you wish to designate a correct answer, select the check box to select the correct answer.

4. Add option - Select "add option" to add more answer choices 

5. Add Image - Poll Everywhere allows for the addition of images to both questions/prompts and answers. Select the image icon to add an image

6. Delete option - Select the trash can icon to remove an answer option

7. Create - When you have finished entering your poll information select "Create" to create your question and move to the customization screen.

Additional information can be found in Poll Everywhere's Getting Started Guide