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How do I add and edit captions?

Panopto has the ability to manually upload captions or add captions through automatic speech recognition (ASR).  Please note that captions created through ASR are not 100% accurate and should be reviewed and edited before being used for your content. This guide will show how to import and edit ASR captions as well as upload captions created elsewhere.

Importing ASR generated captions

To import ASR generated captions, enter the online video editor by clicking the "edit" button. 

Select edit from video options

In the video editor, select "captions" from the left hand menu.

Select captions from left hand menu

Select "import captions" and then "import automatic captions." 

***If you do not see the option to import automatic captions, please contact and provide a link to your video for reprocessing***

Select import captions and import automatic captions

You will now see the caption text listed with timestamps.

List of caption text with timestamps

Editing your captions

It is highly recommended to edit your ASR generated captions, as they will contain numerous errors. To edit the text, simply click on the text and type to correct or add content.

selected caption text for editing

You can also select the pen icon next to the text to open a edit window.

highlighted pen icon to open edit window

You can change the text and timing of the caption here.

edit window with text and time fields

Uploading captions

If you have had captions created from another service, you can easily upload them to your video content. Panopto currently supports *.srt, *.ashx, and *.dxfp file types for captions. To begin, follow the above steps to enter the online editor and select to the captions options from the left hand menu.

captions option selected in menu

Select "import captions" and then "upload or request captions"

import captions menu open with upload or request captions selected

From the menu, delete the automatic captions if they are present for your session.

menu with delete captions selected

Browse to you caption file and select "Upload Captions."

upload caption menu, choose file and upload caption buttons

You can now edit your captions, if needed, following the steps above.

Select "Apply"

Click "Apply" to save your changes and add the captions to your video.

For more help, please contact