External App: Post'Em

The Post'Em Tool is a way for instructors to provide detailed text feedback to students by uploading a single CSV file. Your CSV file can contain multiple columns of feedback and you can upload as many different CSV files as you wish.

Add Post'Em to your Course

Post’Em has already been added to your course, but not automatically to your course navigation. In order to add Post'Em to your course navigation, follow the steps below.

From your Canvas course, click Settings [1]. Find the Navigation tab, and click it [2]. Scroll down until you find Post'Em [3].


Post em in settings

Click the settings icon next to Post'Em [4] and choose to Enable [5]. Save your settings [6] and you will then see Post'Em in your course navigation.

Enable Post'Em

To Use Post’Em

1. You can start with your own CSV file or you can download your course CSV template [1].  If you start with your own file, you will need to make sure that the first column of your file is LoginID and contains the students' NetIDs.

2. After you make and save the changes to your CSV file, click the Choose File button [2] and select your CSV file.

3. Enter a title for your uploaded CSV [3].  This will default to the file name of your CSV but we recommend that you change this to something more useful for the students.

4. If your CSV file is all set and you are ready to release the information to your students, you can select the Release feedback to participants option [4] to give immediate access to students.  If you do not select this option, you can release your results later.

5. When you are done, click the Upload [5] button to upload your file to the course.

6. After you have uploaded your file, you will see your file listed at the bottom of the page [6].  

screenshots of post'em tool

7. After your files are uploaded, you will be able to see last modified date and who modified it.  You will also be able to quickly see which files are released to students [7].

8.  If you click the Actions menu [8] for a file, you will have access to additional options including:

  • View - allows you to view the data (results) from the file.
  • Edit Title - modify the title you gave for the results.
  • Upload New Version - will overwrite delete the current file and replace it with the new CSV file you upload
  • Download - allows you to download a copy of the CSV file that was originally uploaded.
  • Release/Unrelease - allows you to release/unrelease the results.  Released results are visible to students.  Unreleased results are only visible to instructors.  
  • Delete - allows you to delete the results completely.


When searching for users in a large spreadsheet, please remember to search the entire document:

screenshot of how many rows to show per page