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External App: Perusall - Integrating with Canvas

What is Perusall?

Perusall allows students and their instructors to collaboratively markup .pdf documents. This tool also allows:

  • User tagging with email alerts and Perusall inbox alert.
  • Tagging of annotations as questions automatically when a user uses a question mark.
  • Ability to filter annotations to view questions, unanswered questions, annotations by instructor, or annotations by a specific student.
  • Automatic grading.
  • Confusion report to see where students have the most questions.
  • Provides a downloadable .csv of all annotations in an assignment.

Information for Faculty considering Perusall

While we are pleased to offer Perusall to our community, and we ask you to be aware of the following considerations when using this application:

  • Copyright: The following Copyright Statement holds true for documents uploaded into Perusall as well as into Canvas.
    • The University expects all users of this site to respect copyright and to determine if their posted content complies with copyright law and the Terms of Use for Canvas. By uploading content into Perusall, you affirm the content was lawfully acquired and:
      • you are the copyright holder; or
      • You have obtained express permission from the copyright holder or determined such content is in the public domain under copyright law; or
      • You have completed a fair use evaluation and determined in good faith after reasonable inquiry that the use of the copyrighted work is a “fair use” under copyright law.
  • Accessibility: Students with disabilities who leverage assistive technology may experience difficulty reading documents loaded into Perusall using their preferred screen reader, and an alternative assignment may be required.

Adding Perusall to Your Canvas Course

From your course, click Settings [1], choose Navigation [2]. Scroll down to the list of disabled apps, until you get to Perusall. Click the settings icon next to Perusall [4], and choose Enable [5].


Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click Save [5].

Save changes

Perusall will now appear on the left navigation in your course. As an instructor enrolled in the course, once you click on the Perusall tab, a course will be created within Perusall.

You can then integrate Perusall Assignments into Canvas by following these steps.

For more information on roster syncing, and linking an assignment from Canvas to Perusall, please see the following Overview of LMS Integration help article. 

For more general information on Perusall, please visit the Perusall website.