Canvas @ YaleInstructor Guides Media LibraryHow do I migrate Media Library course content from one library to another?

How do I migrate Media Library course content from one library to another?

If you would like to migrate an entire course's content, this guide will show you how to move your media and folders to your new course.

TIP:  If you have embedded your Media Library files onto Canvas Pages/Assignments/Modules/etc (e.g. the students view/play the video on the Canvas Page/Assignment/Module/etc... without going directly to Media Library) you may prefer to follow the instructions to share your Media Library videos with another course to prevent your embedded videos from breaking.

Set up Media Library in your new course

Navigate to your new course in Canvas and click on the "Media Library" item in the left hand column. This will create the folder for this course.

image showing media library selected within a canvas course

Go to the main Media Library site

From within the Media Library in your course, select the upward facing arrow to navigate to the main Media Library site. You can also access the site by going to and logging in.

image showing media library within canvas with open in panopto arrow icon in upper right highlighted

Locate the content you wish to move

In the "Browse" section on the left hand side you will find a list of folders for your current and former classes that have used the Media Library. Navigate to the folder for the course you wish to move content from.

image showing browse section expanded within main media library site

Moving folders

Click on the folder you wish to move, then enter the settings for that folder by selecting the gear icon in the upper right hand of the folder window. 

image showing media library folder with gear settings icon in upper right highlighted

You can also right click (control+click on mac) on the folder in the "Browse" section and select "info"

image showing folder in browse section of media library with options showing

In the "Overview" selection, select "edit" next to "Parent folder"

image showing folder settings with edit button next to parent folder highlighted

Select the folder for your new course from the drop down menu and select "save". The folder will now be located within your new course folder.

image showing folder options with new parent folder selected and save button highlighted

Moving individual media files

Locate the media you wish to move in your previous course's folder and select which files you would like to move by clicking the box to the left of the file. Then select "Move" from the menu.

image showing folder with multiple sessions selected and the move icon highlighted

Select the folder for your new course from the drop down menu.

image showing move session menu with folder drop down highlighted

Select "Move". Once the window notifies you it has finished moving your files, the media will be located within your new course folder.

image showing move menu with new folder location selected and move button highlighted

Sharing files / folders with another course

If you are embedding your Media Library videos into Canvas tools (like Pages/Modules/Assignments/etc...), a better process for you would be to share the original Media Library files or folders with your new course.  By sharing the files, the files will not appear in the Media Library folder of the new course site - but anyone enrolled in the new course would still be able to view the content.

First, go to your new course and click on the Media Library button [1].  Notice the Media Library folder name [2] for your new course - you will need this folder name for the next steps.

Go to the new Canvas course site and get Media Library folder name for that course.

You will now need to navigate to the location in Media Library where your Media Library videos are stored.  For most instructors, the original videos will be stored in the Media Library of a prior version of their Canvas course - and the instructions below are based on this scenario.  

If your video files are store elsewhere in Media Library (like in your My Folder Media Library folder), you should navigate to that folder and then follow the rest of the instructions.

Go to the prior Canvas course site's Media Library (or other location where your videos are stored).  Navigate to the appropriate folder and then click the appropriate button to Share the folder [A] or to Share an individual file [B].

Click the share button for the folder or file you want to share.

In the pop-up, make sure that the option for who has access is Specific people [3] and then go to the Invite people [4] box and start typing in the name of the Media Library folder from your NEW Canvas course.  As you type, the results should appear under the text box.  You will need to add access for both the Viewer group (aka users with a student-level role in your new Canvas course) and the Creator group [5] (aka users with an instructor or TA level role in your new Canvas course).

Find the groups you want to invite.

Confirm that the group you selected is listed in the Invite people box [6].  Unselect the option to notify people via email [7] and then click the Save changes button [8].

Confirm your selected groups and save your sharing changes.

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