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How do I record my own videos using Panopto Recorder?

This guide provides details on how record Media Library video using the Panopto Recorder

Panopto Capture, a browser based recorder is also available. Please see this guide for further information.

If you would like to record your content using the Panopto application on your own computer, you can first start by clicking the Create button in Media Library, and then selecting Record a new session

Image showing create button expanded with record a new session highlighted

If you have previously installed Panopto, this will launch the application. If you have not installed Panopto, this will allow you to install versions for either Windows or OS X.

Once you have launched the application, you can first choose which folder you would like to upload the recording to once finished. The drop down menu will show you all folders to which you have been given creator privileges. You can also create a custom name for your session.

image showing record a session screen with folder select drop down highlighted

Then select your primary video source. This will be the main video and audio for your recording. If you have multiple available audio and video devices, the drop down menus will allow you to select which you wish to use.

image showing video and audio primary source select drop down fields

The Panopto application also allows you to capture additional sources along with your primary video. This would most commonly be content from your desktop. As with the primary source, if you have multiple secondary sources, you can select which you wish to use from the drop down menu.

image showing secondary source section of recorder with source drop down highlighted

To begin recording, click the red Record button.

image showing record button within panopto recorder

Once recording you can pause and resume your recording, or stop the recording when finished.

image showing stop and pause button in panopto recorder

Once the recording has ended, you can edit the session name and add a description if desired. Selecting upload will upload the recording to your selected folder.

For more resources please see the Panopto guides on Recording with Panopto for Windows and Recording with Panopto for Mac

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