Using Embedded Data in the Qualtrics LTI

Instructors can pass course and user specific information to Qualtrics surveys through embedded data. This allows instructors to personalize questions to their course and to the students taking the survey. These data fields also allows instructors to record and analyze the data in a more meaningful way.

What Canvas data fields are available

The data fields available are custom and specific to Canvas @ Yale.

Course Information:

User Information:
  • Section name
  • Course name
  • Canvas course ID
  • Course code
  • Number of students
  • Term
  • Assignment name
  • Assignment ID
  • Assignment due date
  • User role
  • Module ID
  • Student first name
  • Student last name
  • Student email address
  • Instructor name
  • Instructor email
  • TA name
  • TA email

You can also find the list of data fields by going to the Qualtrics LTI dashboard from the account menu in the global navigation (1). Select the three dot menu icon from the dashboard and click "Data Fields" (2). This will bring you to the list of data fields available.

Access data fields

How do I add embedded data

Adding embedded data to your Qualtrics survey is the first step in using Canvas data fields.

  1. To add embedded data, go to the Qualtrics survey you want to utilize. On the left hand side, click on the icon labeled "Survey flow".
  2. From the Survey Flow page, click "+Add a New Element Here".
  3. Select the "Embedded Data" option.
  4. In the new Embedded Data, name the field you anything that makes sense to you.
    1. It does NOT have to be the same name as the data fields listed above. For example, "Term" could be named "Semester", or "Student Email Address" could be shortened to "Student Email".
    2. To add more than one Embedded Data field, click "Add a New Field". You can continue to add as many as you want.
  5. Move the Embedded Data block by clicking on "Move" and dragging it above the "Default Question Block". This is a necessary step, as the survey will need to fetch the data from Canvas BEFORE the survey questions are displayed.
  6. Click "Apply" at the bottom right to save the Embedded Data.

How do I connect embedded data to my data fields

Now that the Embedded Data has been set up in your Qualtrics survey, you will need to connected them to your Canvas Data Fields. This will allow the survey to fetch the correct data from Canvas and use that data withing the survey questions.

  1. From Canvas, click on the "Account" menu from the blue global navigation bar and select "Qualtrics LTI".
  2. Open the survey where the embedded data was created above.
  3. Click on the "Data Fields" tab.
  4. A list of all the embedded data created in the Qualtrics survey should appear. In the dropdown menu under the "Canvas Field" column, select the data field that matches for the embedded data.
  5. Click save to save the your changes. You can now use the embedded data to bring over Canvas data to your Qualtrics survey.

How do I utilize the connected embedded data in my Qualtrics survey

After connecting the embedded data from your Qualtrics survey to the data fields in Canvas as in the steps above, you can use the embedded data to bring over Canvas data to Qualtrics.

  1. Add or edit your Qualtrics question/text.
  2. From the text editor, click on "Piped Text".
  3. Go down to "Embedded Data Field".
  4. From the drop down menu, select the embedded data that you would like to insert into the text.
  5. It will appear in your question text as a string starting with "$". When you open or preview your Qualtrics survey, nothing will appear in its place. However, if you open the survey from Canvas, the data will now be passed over and you will see the appropriate text in its place.