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How do I record my own videos in Media Library using Panopto Capture?

Media Library (Panopto) is a media streaming service available in all academic courses.  When preparing to record video/audio in Media Library you can choose one of two recording tools - Panopto Capture or Panopto Recorder.   Given the simpler and more streamlined interface, most users prefer to use the Panopto Capture tool.

What is the difference between Panopto Capture and Panopto Recorder?

Panopto Capture

Panopto Capture is a browser-based recording tool that does not require the installation of any tools on you computer.  Panopto Capture was created to be simple to use, so it does not have a lot of extra features.  Recordings created using the Panopto Capture tool will be uploaded directly to Media Library into the folder you designate.

View of Panopto Capture

Panopto Recorder

Panopto Recorder is a client-installed tool that has a more robust tool set, but does require that you download and pre-install the tool before you can record.  Recordings can be created offline or can be uploaded directly to Media Library into the folder you designate.

View of Panopto Recorder

Accessing Panopto Capture

You can access the Panopto Capture tool in 2 ways:

Access via Media Library in your Canvas course

Go to the Media Library tool in your Canvas Course.  Click on the Create button and then select Record

Access via the New Rich Content Editor

When you are creating/editing content in Canvas via the New Rich Content Editor, you can access Panopto Capture by clicking on the Media Library icon [1].

The Media Library button is located on the rich content editor toolbar

In the pop-up, you will then click on the Record tab [2].  You may choose a specific Media Library folder [3] where you would like the recording saved - by default it will select your current course site's Media Library.  Enter a title for your new recording in the Name your recording box [4] then click the Launch Capture button [5].

Adjust your settings and then recording your media direclty into Media Library (Panopto)

NOTE:  When you are done recording via the Rich Content Editor, you will be returned to this popup and will need to click the Insert button [6] to embed the video into the editor.  Make sure to click Save/Save and Publish on your Canvas content item.

Click the nsert button to embed the video into the editor

Panopto Capture Tools and Features

For full instructions, please visit the vendor's article on How to create a video using Panopto Capture.

When you are viewing the Panopto Capture tool, you will see several tools available to you

  1. Select your audio input device.  (You can remove all audio devices if you do not want to include audio in your recording)
  2. Select your video input device.  (You can remove all video devices if you want an audio-only recording)
  3. Select the screen/application you want to record.  (If you do not select anything, it will only record your video/audio per your prior selections) - Mac users, please note: Depending on the browser you are using, you may need to give additional permission for Chrome or Firefox to access your screen prior to recording a PowerPoint presentation. To learn more about this, please visit Why isn’t my screen being recorded on Mac when using Capture?
  4. Settings - this has some basic settings you can configure for your recording including blurring your background
  5. Record button / Stop button - when you are ready, click this button to begin recording.  Click this same button to stop the recording when you are done.
Panopto Capture tools