Customize your Poll

Once you have created your poll, you can customize numerous aspects of how the poll will look and behave. This guide will cover the main options within the poll customization section.

Configuration options

Once you have created you poll, you will be brought to the customization page for that poll. On the right hand side you will find the "Configure" section which allows you to make adjustments to how your poll will behave and how people can respond to the poll.

"How people can respond" Section

This section lets you select how people can respond to your poll. By default both the "website" and "text messaging" options should be selected. This allows people to respond both by website/app and via text message if a participant does not have a smart device.

"Audience restriction & identity" Section

The "Audience restriction & identity" section lets you choose how you would like participants to be identified (if at all) and if you want to require participants to have to log in before answering your poll.

1. Who can participate? - This lets you choose whether you want anyone with your response link to be able to answer without logging in (Everyone - no restrictions) or require people to log in with their Yale credentials to answer your poll (Restrict to registered participants only). If you intend to track your student responses by user for grading purposes or otherwise, you will want to restrict to registered participants only.

*Participants will not have to register with you specifically if you select "Restrict to registered participants only" only log in via SSO (Single sign on) using their Yale credentials to answer your poll*

2. How do you want to identify participants? - If you are allowing everyone to participate without restrictions, you can select if you want to identify people by a chosen screen name/auto-generated ID (this option can be selected within your Poll Everywhere account settings) or have people respond completely anonymously. If you are restricting to registered participants you will have the option to identify participants by their full name and email or completely anonymously.  

"Response Settings" Section

This section allows you to customize how you would like people to be able to respond to your poll.

1. Each person may respond -  lets you select how many times a person can answer your poll. If you are asking a question where a participant may be prompted to select a number of different answers, you can customize the behavior here.

2. Each option may be selected -  lets you choose if you want to allow people to select the same answer more than once, if you are allowing more than one answer.

3. Participant results chart -  lets you select whether or not you want the results of the poll to show up on the participant device or only on the presenter screen.

4. Change answer - lets you set if you would like people to be able to change their answer after selecting an answer option in your poll.

5. Show activity title - lets you choose if you want to show the question/prompt on participant devices as well as on the presentation screen

6. Custom reply message - lets you choose if you would like to send a custom reply back to participants after an answer is selected.

"Schedule lock/unlock times" Section

This section lets you determine if you would like to set a custom lock and unlock time for a poll. If you are going to be using poll through presentation software like PowerPoint and want people to respond immediately, this section can be ignored. 

1. Auto-unlock time - lets you select the automatic unlock time

2. Auto-lock time - lets you select the automatic lock time

On Screen Poll Options

There are a number of options that will appear on the poll question in the customization view. These can also be accessed while you are running the poll by moving your cursor to the upper right hand corner of the poll screen.

1. Visual settings - selecting this will open a menu that allows you to change a large number of options with regards to how your poll looks. This includes changing the layout of the slide, text font and size options, color options among others.

2. Activate - selecting this will activate the current poll question and make it available to answer at your response URL. 

3. Show responses - this will toggle between having the live answers visible or having them hidden. You may want to keep answers hidden until all students have answered and this can let you select the visibility ahead of time or during your presentation.

4. Show correct - If you have designated a correct answer or answers, this will identify them on the poll

5. Lock -  will lock the presentation and prevent people from submitting any additional responses. You may want to use this in combination with the "Show responses" option to lock the question before showing the responses to your participants.

6. Clear Responses - lets you clear any previous responses from your poll. Any cleared responses will be stored as an archived run and can be accessed via the reporting tool.

7. Full screen - allows you to show the poll in full screen. This will also automatically activate your poll. This can be a good option if you are running polls from the website and not through  presentation software like PowerPoint or Keynote.