External App: Gradescope

The Poorvu Center successfully piloted Gradescope from Spring 2019 to Fall 2019. As of Spring 2020, Gradescope is available to all courses through Canvas.

How to enable Gradescope in Canvas

To enabled Gradescope for your class, go to Settings → Navigation → and drag Gradescope above the fold. Scroll to the bottom of this page and save the changes to enabled the tool for your class. 

The first time you click on Gradescope from Canvas, it will open a new window, and ask if you want to create a new course, or link to an existing one. You should not need to sign in again.

Only those with the role of Instructor, Guest Instructor, or Teacher (not commonly used) can create and link to a Gradescope Course, and create and link assignments.  TAs or Teaching Fellows will be able to grade assignments already created.

If you choose to create a new course, ensure the term is accurate in Course Settings before continuing. If you are creating a Gradescope course for a spring class but it is still during the fall term, Fall 2018 will be the default, instead of Spring 2019.

Gradescope Get Started Guide: https://www.gradescope.com/get_started 

Help from Gradescope: help@gradescope.com

How to log In to Gradescope through CAS / Single Sign On

From Gradescope.com, go to the Log In button in the top, right, and choose School Credentials


Find Yale NetID in the list at the bottom



Please login with your NetID and Password to continue.

How to Sync your Roster in Canvas to Gradescope

To Sync your roster, click on the Roster button on the left nav, and click “Sync Course Roster.”

Optionally uncheck “Let users know that they were added to the course” before you Sync to avoid unnecessary emails to your class.

Once your roster is synced, users who were added from Canvas will have a chain link in the “Linked” column with their roles associated with them.


Identifying Students using Name and Student ID

When batch uploading student files into Gradescope, you can have your students identify themselves by both their Name (First Last) and Student ID, which in Gradescope is mapped to the Yale UPI.

In Canvas, the SIS ID is the Yale UPI.

In Gradescope, this is the Student ID, visible if you edit the student in the Roster. To see the Student ID, first hover over the name until the “Edit” icon appears.

Click Edit, and you will see Student ID.

Students can look up their UPI in Yale Directory, and it is printed on their ID cards as well.