Tips on Importing Course Content

When copying content from one canvas course to another, there are some settings you may have to modify or specific choices that could save you time when prepping your course for the next term. The purpose of this article is to provide you with information about each tip, with the tutorials being linked to other help articles.

How to Copy Content from One Canvas Course to Another

In order to save time when you are setting up your course site in a term, you can copy content (the entire course or specific content) from one Canvas course to another.

Copy Content from One Canvas Course Into Another Canvas Course

Our recommendation is to use the Specific Content import option so that you can bring over only the items that you need and you can exclude things like Zoom calendar events from prior course sessions.

Modifying Due Dates and Availability Dates

When you import one course into another, during the import process, there is an option to modify the due dates and availability dates all at one time.

Modify Events and Due Dates within Course Import

Removing old Calendar Events

If you copy over all content, you may find that some unneeded Calendar events are copied over to your new course site.  You can easily clean out these events by going to the Calendar tool, finding the event and deleting it.

How do I edit/delete a calendar event?

When you copy course content from one course to another, the redirect tool will still contain the original course link. For your current students to obtain the information, you may have to modify the redirect link. Note- this only applies to redirect links that were linking to an item within the Canvas course. External links will not have to be modified.

How to Change a Redirect Link

Media Library

Once you import your course content, you will need to also migrate your Media Library folder into your new course. If you need further assistance with Media Library, please email

How do I migrate Media Library course content from one library to another?

Bulk Copy Course Videos (copy a folder)

Course Reserves

You have the option to import a course reserves list from one course into another course.

Importing Items from a Previous Class

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