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People Tool versus Photo Roster

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Within your Canvas course site, you will see that you have two roster tools: People and Photo Roster. Both tools provide you with a list of user names and other important identifying information about the people who have access to your course.

This guide is designed to help you understand the uses and differences of each tool.

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This article will address the following information:

People Tool

This is the roster tool created by Canvas. Students are able to access this tool, and can see a limited view of the information pertaining to the other users on this list.

From here, you can manually enroll users, as well as create new group sets.

Photo Roster

This is the roster tool created by Yale. Only users with an Instructor or TA role will be able to see this tool. Although other roles can see it on the course site navigation, it will appear blank and no student information will be provided. There are two different views: "Photo Roster" and "List View."

For more information on the Photo Roster tool:

Photo View

This is the default view and shows the a user's name, NameCoach pronunciation (if one exists), course role, class, major, and email address. It will also show student ID photos.

List View

The list view shows the users in a list format. It shows the user information available on the photo roster view, and additionally includes the user's ID, residential college, and graduation year.

The list can be exported into a CSV file.

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