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Publishing and Unpublishing Your Course

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When first created, Canvas courses are not published, meaning that they are unavailable for students to view. Instructors can utilize the time when a course is initially not published to set up their course for the semester. It is also possible for instructors to unpublish their course, which will prevent students from accessing the course.

Please watch the video or the read the steps below to learn how to publish and unpublish your Canvas course.

Once you have graded an assessment, your course cannot be unpublished.

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Publishing Your Course

  1. Open your course and view the Course Home Page.
  2. In the sidebar, click the "Publish" button.
View Course Home Page and click "Publish" button
  1. Optional: choose a Home Page.
  2. Click "Choose and Publish" to publish the course.
Optionally choose a Home Page, click "Choose and Publish"
  1. The "Course Status" on the sidebar will now show as published.
View Course notification that the course was successfully updated.

Unpublishing Your Course

Note: Once your course contains a graded submission, you can no longer unpublish your course.

  1. Under the "Course Status", click "Unpublish" to make the course unavailable to students.
Click "Unpublish"

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