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Using the Rich Content Editor

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The Rich Content Editor (RCE) is the default text box space in most items for a user to write and create content. The RCE is designed and laid out similar to other popular word processor toolbars, while still supporting and facilitating some unique Canvas specific functions.

General Rich Content Editor Features

  1. Familiar look and feel - The Rich Content Editor has menus (Edit / View / Insert / Format / Tools / Table) and icons that closely resembles the structure found in most common word processing programs.
  2. Tool consolidation - The Rich Content Editor lumps together similar features to declutter the toolbar.
  3. Easy linking to course content - The Rich Content Editor utilizes dedicated menus and toolbar icons to quickly link course files, images, and documents anywhere you are working.
    1. File Sorting / Filtering - Ability to sort and search for files when adding file links. When adding a link to a file stored in your course site's Files area, you can use search and filtering (by date added or alphabetically by file name) to find the files you need.
    2. Item Publish Status - When selecting items to link, you can easily see if the item (file, page, assignment, etc.) you are linking to will be visible to your students.
  4. Auto-Save - Save unsubmitted content in your browser's cache for up to one day. This means that if you are editing content and navigate away from the page before saving, as long as you revisit / edit that same page within one day, you will be able to preview and retrieve the auto-saved content that you were working on.
  5. Keyboard Shortcuts - Users have access to keyboard shortcuts for creating and editing content.

To learn more about the Rich Content Editor:

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].

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