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Restricting Teaching Fellow’s Access to Specific Sections

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In Canvas @ Yale, you can restrict your Teaching Fellow’s access to be only to their specific section within the course. By restricting access to only their section, the Teaching Fellow will not be able to see or grade students in other sections of your course.

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Add a Teaching Fellow to a Specific Section

  1. Click on "People" in the course navigation.
  2. Click on the three dot icon to the right of the TF's name, and select "Edit Sections."
  1. Click "browse" and select the section you would like to assign to the TF. It will now be listed under the search bar.
  1. Delete any of the previously existing sections that you do not want the TF to access by clicking the X icon next to the section's name.
  2. Click "Update."

Limit a Teaching Fellow to Only See Fellow Section Users

  1. Return to the "People" tool and click on the Teaching Fellow’s name.
  1. On this next page, go under “Membership(s)” header and click on “limit this user to only see fellow section users.” This will limit the Teaching Fellow to only their section.

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