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Changing Your Course Visibility

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Your course visibility determines who can view your course. This is primarily just your students who are enrolled, though Canvas @ Yale does set course visibility for your Syllabus page to be visible to anyone at our institution to work in unison with the Yale Course Search and registration process.

Course Visibility is not the same thing as your course's Publish status. Publishing and unpublishing your course is for making the course available to users. Visibility is for determining who should have access to view the course, or a specific page like the syllabus (i.e. course, institution, or public).

Learn more about publishing and unpublishing your course.

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Understanding Your Default Course Visibility

Your official canvas course settings have been set to allow for your course to be visible only to students who are enrolled in your "Course" [1].

However, your Syllabus page within your Canvas site is set to be visible to anyone at our "Institution" [2], meaning anyone who can login to Canvas @ Yale can view that one page of your course.

This has been done so the "Syllabus" button found in Yale Course Search will work for students to view your syllabus in Canvas during the open enrollment period.

Changing Your Course Visibility

Canvas @ Yale courses on cannot be set to public. 

If you would like to modify your course settings for your canvas site, you may do so, but it is advised you review the following article to understand what will and will not become available to others based on the changes you make. 

If you need any assistance, please reach out to [email protected].

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