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Adjust Import for Zoom Calendar Events

If you used the Canvas / Zoom integration in Spring 2020, and are looking to import the content from that course into your Spring 2021 course, please be aware of the following bug that will impact your course.

If you select ALL CONTENT when you import from a past course, be aware that this will include ALL the calendar events for your past Canvas / Zoom meetings, with links. 

To avoid this, please choose "Select specific content" when you import

Select Import

Click Select Content

Select what you would like to import, but importantly, DO NOT select Calendar Events

Click Select Content again to complete import.

Following these steps will help avoid the bug as these calendar events should not be included.

The following video outlines the problem, and how to avoid it when you import content.

If you have already imported content you can refer to our help guide on how to delete calendar events.  If you still need assistance cleaning up past events, please reach out to