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Turnitin Ignores Canvas Anonymous Grading Settings

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Papers submitted to a Canvas assignment with Turnitin enabled, and then viewed in Turnitin will have identifying information, like the student's name, visible even if anonymous grading has been enabled in the Canvas Assignment.

When an instructor sets anonymous grading for a Canvas Assignment, Canvas will prevent all graders from seeing student names in the Speedgrader menu. All student names are replaced with a "Student #."

Even in Canvas, anonymous grading will not be effective if a student includes their name within the file or in the file name. It is best to instruct your students to omit their name from within their paper and their document's file name if you are planning to do any anonymous grading in Canvas.

SpeedGrader with Anonymous Grading enabled. An arrow points to the user's name displaying "Student 1."

However, when a grader opens the Turnitin report for a submission, they are redirected to the Turnitin system where the student's name will be revealed along the top.

Turnitin displaying the student's name across the top.

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