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Canvas Classic Quizzes Error with the Math Equation Editor

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When answering Classic Canvas Quiz Essay Type question, some student answer submission that incorporate equations created via the Math Equation Editor tool are not rendering properly in the SpeedGrader view.

The answers are stored in Canvas, they are just not appearing in the SpeedGrader view.

This issue is only associated with the Math Equation Editor found in the Classic Quizzes engine.

The New Quizzes engine does not appear to experience the same issues with students copying and pasting equation characters / symbols from other questions or answers found in the exam item.

The Canvas @ Yale Support Team cannot pull student responses, but we are happy to advise and guide instructors and TA's on how to complete this process for their courses.

Table of Contents

Student Answering Perspective

  1. When Students answer an Essay Type Question, they can click the "Insert Math Equation" button to open the Math Editor to create complex equations.
  1. Students can type in the box provided and use the "custom equation menus" to insert symbols and formats.  
  2. Once their equation is complete, they can click the "Insert Equation" button.
  3. The math equation is then inserted into the essay response box.

Instructor Review Perspective

For some students who use this tool, their answers are either not rendering in SpeedGrader or appear truncated.

Speedgrader review of Question 1 in a Classic Canvas Quiz with an empty student response field where an equation should be displayed.

Recovering Student Equation Submissions

To view student responses that are not displaying in SpeedGrader due to the Math Equation Editor issue, instructors will need to complete the following process for each impacted student response to a question. These instructions are meant for instructors / TAs to use to temporarily view a student's answer so that they can conduct grading.

To make this process more efficient, we recommend that you have 2 browser tabs open:  

  1. for viewing the SpeedGrader so you can collect the HTML code and
  2. for an unpublished Canvas Page with the HTML editor where you can paste the HTML code and view the answer.  

The following embedded instructions are from the "Student essay responses in my Canvas quiz / exam are missing parts of their answer. What happened and where do I find their complete essay response?" article.

For additional support or help, please be sure to reach out to [email protected].

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