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Canvas Updates for Summer 2022

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Notable changes to the Canvas @ Yale environment, last updated 5/27/2022.

Canvas Updates

Canvas's core functionality is continuously updated throughout the year. Here are some of the more notable changes you should be aware of.

  • Display custom course roles in the Enrollment section of the User Account 
  • Enhanced Gradebook Filters available for faculty to enable in their course. The enhanced gradebook filters allow more specific filtering, as well as saving pre-configured filters to quickly get back to them later. 
  • Anonymous student name display updated to be consistently displayed between multiple teachers with different view permissions in a course / moderation page. 
  • RCE Equation Editor updated to provide mobile responsiveness so that students (or faculty) working with the Equation Editor on a smaller tablet or phone do not have to turn their screen or scroll excessively when the Equation Editor is used. 
  • New Quiz Item Bank Filtering terminology has improved to clarify items banks organized by “All My Banks” and “All My Course Banks.” 
    • All My Banks – all item banks made by a user as well as banks shared with the user 
    • Banks Shared to Course – item banks that have been shared with the course specifically 
  • Assignment Bulk Due Date editor now supports specifying the due date time as well. Previously when setting the date, the time would be default set at 11:59pm. 
  • Late Label Color on assignments has been updated to better differentiate between late and missing submissions. This label is also visible on the student’s grades page. 
    • Blue = Late
    • Red = Missing 
  • Assignment Default Due Time can be set at the course level by instructors so that all newly created assignments in their course have that time rather than the default 11:59pm. 
    • Previously created assignments’ times will not be altered or updated if the default time for their course is changed.
  • Apply Score to Ungraded Assignment Groups allows instructors to apply the same score to multiple ungraded submissions at once from the assignment group and/or total column menus in the gradebook. 
  • RCE Icon Maker allows instructors to create and incorporate simple icons for their courses without having to create / upload their own images.  
    • Currently only supports predefined images, but the ability to upload custom images will be added in a future Canvas update. 

Anonymous Course Feedback & Accessibility Barriers

Enhancements have been made to the Anonymous Feedback tool to expand the use case for inclusion to reporting of accessibility barriers found in the course to the instructors of the course. Assistance is available in remediating reported accessibility barriers as needed through the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning. For more information on thee Feedback & Accessibility Barriers tool, please see the following article.

Zoom Tenants Merge

The main Yale Zoom and Zoom HIPAA tenants have been merged, and the Zoom HIPAA LTI integration in Canvas has been removed. Now participants can use the same Zoom integration in Canvas and can invite co-hosts and other collaborators to zoom meetings scheduled through Canvas.  

Library Zoom participants will soon be merged into the main Yale Zoom tenant at a future date. There is currently no integration with the Yale Library tenant in Canvas.  Please see the following article on best practices for collaborating with Library participants through Canvas. 

Confetti Animations for Students

Confetti (or virtual celebrations) have been enabled for users in Canvas that turn in an assignment prior to the set due date.  

If you prefer not to see confetti or would like to re-enable this feature, you can manage the feature setting in your user settings. Please see the following guide (How do I manage confetti animations in Canvas as a student?) for more information.

New and Updated External Applications & Integrations

External Application Name Description
Qualtrics is a robust survey tool that can be used for both standard and anonymized surveys.  Yale University's existing survey instance will be integrated with Canvas to allow for the creation of surveys that can be offered through Canvas and, if desired, track who has completed the survey without knowing individual users' results.
DISCONTINUED: Hypothesis Hypothesis has been discontinued due to lack of use and because of similar functionality being available through the Perusal integration
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