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Canvas Updates for Fall 2023

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Notable changes to the Canvas @ Yale environment, last updated 8/30/2023.

Canvas Updates

Canvas's core functionality is continuously updated throughout the year. Here are some of the more notable changes you should be aware of.

Educational Technology Pilot: FeedbackFruits

We are excited to announce that we are facilitating a year-long pilot with FeedbackFruits, a tool suite that supports a variety of peer-to-peer, instructor-to-student, and student-to-course content feedback activities. FeedbackFruits is integrated and available through Canvas Assignments.

Some of the available tools include:

  • Peer Review - peer-to-peer evaluation of a submitted assignment
  • Skill Review - instructor-to-student evaluation of a student's skills (such as an oral exam or presentation)
  • Group Member Evaluation - peer-to-peer evaluation of their group member's performance / skills
  • Interactive Document / Video / Audio - student-to-course content engagement with uploaded materials through annotations and embedded discussion questions / quizzes
  • Discussion on Topic / Work - peer-to-peer discussion on a specific topic or student-uploaded work

To learn more, please check out our FeedbackFruits: Overview support article.

FAS Course Template Changes

Through collaboration with the the FAS Dean's Office and the Poorvu Center, the FAS Canvas Expanded Course Description template has been updated to include an Academic Integrity section.

The Academic Integrity section allows instructors a space to provide a statement that defines what academic integrity means for their course, tailored in part to the course assignments and what constitutes appropriate collaboration outside of class.

The Poorvu Center has additional guidance on writing academic integrity statements which instructors may find valuable.

Default Course Storage Increase

The default storage for all courses in Canvas has increased from 1000MB (1GB) to 1500MB (1.5GB). All academic and non-academic course sites will reflect this increased default storage amount.

To learn more about file storage in Canvas, please check our our Understanding Files and File Storage Quotas in Canvas article.

New Course Accessibility Report Available

All Canvas @ Yale sites now have a Course Accessibility Report from Blackboard Ally in their Course Navigation menu. This Course Accessibility Report acts as a complement to the existing accessibility indicators found throughout a Canvas course site and provides an accessibility summary / overview at the course level for Instructors, TAs, and academic support staff.

To learn more about this new report and how it can help you improve the accessibility of your course and course content, please check out our Blackboard Ally: Viewing and Using the Course Accessibility Report article.

Zoom Integration Update

The Zoom integration in Canvas @ Yale was updated  from LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3 on June 5th, 2023. Summer and Fall Canvas courses created after this date were created with the updated Zoom enabled automatically.

Zoom LTI 1.1 was removed from our Canvas instance at the end of the Summer 2023 semester on August 7th, and the LTI 1.3 version was turned on for all Fall 23 courses automatically.

Any Fall 2023 courses that previously disabled their Zoom tool or will not be utilizing the Zoom integration in their courses can disable the tool within their Course Navigation.

The Courses list, found in the Global Navigation menu, now supports filters at the top of each column to make it easier to sort and find specific courses you may be looking for. You can click on each column header to sort your courses, or use the text boxes below each column header to filter to specific key words related to a given column.

Column filters are not "sticky," meaning that each time you refresh the Courses page your filters will not be saved or retained in any way.

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