Canvas @ YaleInstructor Guides User ManagementHow do I add users to my course?

How do I add users to my course?

For official course sites, students that have enrolled in the course through the registration system will be added to your course site automatically. Users you need to add to your course site manually may include:

  • Teaching Assistants / Teaching Fellows
  • Guest Lecturers
  • Unofficially auditing students (official auditors should register officially with the registrar)
  • Students who are on a waitlist
  • Students who made revisions to their registration
  • Guests from other institutions (Guests from other institutions will need to have an account created for them in Canvas before you can add them to your course site. To request a guest account, please complete the Guest Account Request Form.)

Note: There are some roles in Canvas that are protected - these roles are to be used exclusively by the registration system (Banner) and must not be used when manually enrolling users in your course. Protected roles include:

  • Student
  • Shopper
  • Auditor
  • Instructor

Add a User

1. Click on "People" from the course navigation.

2. Click "+People" at the top right corner.

3. In the pop-up window, select how you want to add people. You can use either their email address (required if this is a guest user), or their NetID. A quick link to the Yale Directory is available to help look up an individual.

4. Type in the text box provided the user's information type selected. You can add multiple users at once by putting a comma between each user.

5. Select the user's intended role and section.

Note: Do not use the protected roles. Roles that you can use include:

  • Guest Student
  • Guest Instructor
  • TA

6. Once the user's role is selected, the "Next" button should appear. Click "Next" to proceed to the next step.

Select the "Add user(s) by" type, enter the user information, select user details, and click "Next"

7. Canvas will verify that the account is valid. If it is valid, you will see the message in green across the top "The following users are ready to be added to the course".

8. If you are not ready to add the user, click the "Start Over" button to go back to the previous screen. Otherwise click the "Add Users" button to add the users to the course. Canvas will automatically send the user an invitation to participate in the course.

Verify the account and either Start Over or Add Users

9. Until the user accepts the course invitation, the user's status will display as pending. Once the user has accepted the course invitation, you can interact with the user in the course. 

Remove a User

Note: You can remove any user that you have manually added. If the user is being enrolled into the course by registrar data, you will not be able to remove them.

1. From the People Tool, click the three dots icon associated with the user you would like to remove.

2. Click "Remove From Course".

How to Add Users to Past Term Courses

When the course is in the past term, you cannot add users to the course (the +People button in the People tool will be grayed out or not present). In order to unlock the course to add users, please check out our help article on how to unlock courses in past terms.

Note: When adding users to the unlocked course, the invited users must accept their invitation prior to the course resuming the past term, read-only state. If the user has not accepted the invitation, then the course will have to be unlocked again.