Canvas @ Yale Umbrella Sites

Umbrella sites are typically used by multi-section courses to enable the course director to provide information for all sections in one place.  Instructors for the sections have the option of posting documents and announcements for their own sections.  Students may see only one instance of their course (the umbrella) or they may see the umbrella and the section.

Purpose of an Umbrella Site

The purpose of an umbrella site is to provide a site that can contain information useful for a number of  sections, usually with the same name (e.g. SPAN 115 01, SPAN 115 02, SPAN 115 03).  The course director may also use the Email or Announcement tools to communicate with students across all sections.

The umbrella would be called, for example, SPAN 115 00 and Canvas @ Yale will automatically add all participants from the ‘sections’ to the umbrella.

Note: Umbrella sites are different than official cross-listed courses. If your course needs to be officially cross-listed, please contact your registrar to have their data updated.

Note: Discussion sections are different and are not created by umbrella sites.  These are sections within a large lecture course and each is taught by a TA.

Types of Umbrella Sites

  1. Umbrella Version 1 (Section-retained Umbrella):  A new course site is created which has all the enrollments from the individual sections.  The individual section course sites remain intact.
  2. Umbrella Version 2 (Section-merged Umbrella):  Individual course sections are collapsed into one course site. Select this option if section awareness within files is not needed.

In order to request an umbrella site, please fill out the following form: Umbrella Request Form

**Please allow up to 3 business days for the Umbrella Site to be created. We appreciate your patience**

For more help, please contact