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Changing Course Participation Dates in Your Canvas Course

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Participation dates are determined by your course Term. They limit how long students can actively participate in course assignments / activities. When the course is concluded (i.e. past the term or manually selected end date), the course is placed in a read-only state. However, this date can be overridden by instructors to create shorter or longer course dates as necessary.

Changing end dates can be done by instructors prior to the term being put in the past. If the course is in the past, you will need to unlock the course.

  1. Click on "Settings" from the course navigation.
  2. Click on "Course Details"  across the top of the page.
  3. By default the course will have the participation set to "Term." Click the down arrow next to "Term" and choose "Course."
  1. In the "Start" and "End" date boxes that are now available to edit, you can set the new dates you would like for your course to start and/or end.
  1. Click "Update Course Details" at the bottom of the settings page to save the changes.

OPTIONAL: Restricting access before/after course dates

You can set up restrictions that prevent students from accessing the course content before the course begins and/or after the course ends. These optional settings are found just below the Start and End dates for the course. You may select the checkbox for the appropriate option(s) as desired.

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